Dynapac is a Swedish multinational company located in Karlskrona – Sweden. The company was founded in 1934. Dynapac offers a variety of products in the following sectors:

  • Compaction (single drum vibratory rollers, double drum vibratory rollers, combi rollers, steel drum rollers, pneumatic rollers, tamping compactor, trench rollers, duplex rollers).
  • Paving (compact pavers, city pavers, commercial pavers, large pavers, highway pavers, tracked pavers, wheeled pavers, mobile feeders, screeds).

Since October 2017 it is part of the French Fayat Group, Dynapac has manufacturing in Sweden, Germany, the US, Brazil, China, India.

Single Drum Soil Rollers

Dynapac's range of small and medium-size vibratory rollers are used to compact all types of soil with the exception of rockfill. The rollers are suitable for most types of road construction, airfields, dam construction, harbor projects, and industrial constructions. Heavy-size vibratory rollers are used for a very wide range of applications. The thickness and grade of the drum's steel are adapted for compacting rockfill, although vibratory rollers are also known for their excellent performance on other types of fill. A special version with a Padfoot drum (PD) is available for compacting cohesive soils.

Tandem Asphalt Rollers

Dynapac's double drum asphalt roller range features everything from the most compact equipment for repair jobs to large machines for the biggest sites. Vibration dampened platforms, swivel seats for better visibility, logically sorted controls, and Roll Over Protective Structures (ROPS) all contribute to the maneuverability, operator ergonomics, and safety.

Pneumatic/Static Rollers

Dynapac has a complete range of pneumatic tyred rollers. All have standard features offering high performance, simplicity, and versatility. The CP1200 has an exclusive Modular Ballast System comprising sealed ballast containers to allow exact visual control of wheel loads. The roller is used to compact asphalt for sealing purposes. It is also used to compact base, sub-base, and stabilized soil. CP2100, CP2700, CP275 are used mainly in conjunction with other asphalt rollers for surface sealing. Due to their heavy weight, they are also used for soil compaction.


The Dynapac Large Pavers combine decades of experience with constant improvements. During the development, we have focused on the paving process and paving quality as well as increasing the reliability of the machines. They are designed to meet and surpass your needs in terms of precision, efficiency, and ergonomics. Dynapac Large paver range features the widest variety of choices: tracked or wheeled pavers, gas or electric heating, standard or high capacity work, different paver classes offering a sustainable drive concept, with Eco Mode or an optional high-performance system called VarioSpeed. All pavers came with the same service concept and operating system to ensure maximum uptime.

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